Black Friday Deal

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After a few problems with unreliable eMMC modules from different suppliers and because we want to keep the SD slot empty for future applications, we decided to remove the boot device altogether and flash the bootloader in the SPI memory present on the board.
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Buidl update

We are purchasing the main components for the nodl directly from the manufacturer. The downside of this is that the manufacturer batches the shipments and the next shipment is on the 16th of November.


To celebrate the whitepaper anniversary, we offer you 10% off on your nodl pre-order, only using the button below. The offer expires at 12pm UTC tomorrow! [update] the offer is over!


Building hardware requires investments. During the last 12 months, we spent at least 1 BTC for different boards, boxes, SSDs, HDDs, eMMCs, SDs, wires, all that from our own money.