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What Wetu Does

Technology has changed the travel industry as clients are hungry for rich, exciting content. This has led to the traditional industry falling far behind the new channels for many reasons. Wetu addresses this problem by providing the traditional industry with the content and technology to compete effectively in the digital world.

  • Centralised Content

    It does not make sense for every travel business to have to manage their own supplier content independently. It is extremely time consuming and requires continual effort and, as a result, unfortunately the content provided often does not meet the prospective travellers’ expectations.

    Wetu has developed a system that gives suppliers the facility to manage their own content and the Trade the ability to access and use this up-to-date, in-depth content it with ease.

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  •  Digital Sales Tools

    Prospective travellers need inspirational content to encourage them to travel and help them make decisions. Unfortunately most sales tools used by the industry are paper-based and are not able to display the large images, videos, virtual tours, and other content available to inspire the traveller.

    Wetu’s technology effectively replaces these traditional paper sales tools, providing the potential traveller with a content-rich, visually appealing digital alternatives.






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