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TikTokToDo multi timer and alarm 16*16 iconTikTokToDo™:
8033365070 TikTokToDo™ is a unique multi countdown timer/alarm ideally suited to scheduled events which are likely to change and affect other events. Whether it's meetings, cooking, exams, experiments, training sessions or school bells; in fact any schedule that could be interrupted or delayed for which you need multiple alarms, TikTokToDo™ countdown timer is for you.

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Password management the easy way.
Easy Peasy Passwords is a secure, simple but unique password manager. In todays IT centered world and the plethora of passwords it entails it simply isn't possible to remember them all. Easy Peasy Passwords doesn't just allow you to store passwords in a single secure location, it can also print hard copies with sensitive data encrypted for secondary backup. Decoding tools are provided in the program allowing you to manually recover printed passwords in the event of backup failure - or if you don't do backups at all!
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Equation Ilustrator V equation and graphical editor 16*16 iconEquation Illustrator V™:
Small screen shot of Equation Illustrator V equation and graphical editor. A program for the production of single page handout type documents of a technical nature. Nothing quite matches the versatility of this program which can combine vector and bitmap type graphics and equations in a single document.
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