In the digital age where everything is readily available at the click of a button it is becoming more and more easy to get anything you want, and through online sharing you can almost always get what you want for free, from films and music to software and books. You may therefore be under the impression that spending your hard earned money on anything you can get digitally is a mug’s game and…. Sometimes, you might be right but other times, even if you don’t care about the legality issues (Stealing is stealing!) you may be doing more damage than you know, and what’s more you may even be doing damage to something that you love. A lot of people see stealing music as a lesser crime than say stealing a car but the fact of the matter is a many of us will have singularly downloaded so much music illegally, that the combined worth of that music would match the value of a lot of the used cars near me right now.

As much as it is easy to get what you want for free these days, it is also much easier to get what you want legally, for the proper price. iTunes is the obvious option when it comes to buying music online, it is not however the only option, as there are many sites online which sell music, many of which don’t even require an account. So next time you’re blasting out tunes in your used Citroen Saxo, make sure you have paid for the music, you could even buy a few discs as your cars CD player probably feels somewhat neglected.