Get inspired and unlock the power of teamwork.

“Inspired teams” describes both our customer mission and our own team culture. The Design Group at Cisco is helping to create a new way of working for collaboration customers while transforming Cisco into a global design leader. We’re a team of Red Dot winning, skiing, trekking, sushi-loving designers that also love what we do for a living.



Meet the Design Team.

Interaction designers. Visual designers. User experience experts. Industrial designers. Engineers. We’re a Red Dot winning team, passionate about good design and dedicated to helping customers be successful.

How we work.

We invest in the best people worldwide. No matter where you work, you’ll be constantly connected and work as one with other designers, engineers, developers and product teams.

Our Design Values.

We aspire to create holistic designs, focused designs, and inspired designs.

Unafraid to Take Risks.

We aren’t afraid to seek the truth and make hard choices. The only rule here is to care about what our users want to achieve. How we get there is up to you.

Building an Experience Across the User Journey.

We think of our products as a service that helps people solve problems, not just one touchpoint but a continuous interaction.

We believe Simple is More Powerful than Complex.

We aren’t here to create features and functionality just because we can. Our goal is to let people focus on building human-to-human connections by making technology invisible.

Products with Personality.

We care about the delightful, surprising details to create an emotional connection that sticks with people.

Join a team of thinkers, listeners, advocates and problem solvers who are changing how design is done.

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We are looking for
Senior Visual Designer

San Jose or San Francisco

User Researcher

San Jose or San Francisco

UX Designer

San Jose

Associate Designer (Visual & Web)

Richardson, Texas

Senior User Experience Design Architect

United Kingdoms

Service Designer


Program Manager


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