Introduction to X-Jow

X-Jow has made Herb-X a renowned name throughout the world. In fact, many Chinese medical schools and doctors of Chinese medicine exclusively use our products for patients with many conditions.

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Conditions Treated

Our modern medicine combines Eastern and Western techniques to effectively treat a variety of arthritic, traumatic, and general physical injuries and facilitate long-term results.


Wholesale Opportunities

Herb-X wholesale allows you to access large quantities of our herbal medicine solutions to meet the demand of your customers. Click to learn more about how to join our family.

9284464452A Philosophy of Healing

For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has restored people to health by working in concert with nature. Its focus is on the root of the problem in the individual and treats that root, not just the symptom. Herb X formulas incorporate ancient Chinese herbs that have been used for centuries, while also drawing upon the most modern scientific evidence that demonstrates their effectiveness.
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Our videos include guidance and tips on how to best use Herb-X products to meet your specific needs. Check them out to help restore calmness, balance, and energy to your life!

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About Our Creator

Dr. Nalbandyan’s line of herbal products, including X-Jow and Earthrightis, seamlessly harness the power of Chinese herbs for lasting relief. Learn more about our creator.


Herb Facts

Learn more about the specific Chinese medicinal herbs that are used to handcraft Herb-X products and the effect of each individual herb on your body’s healing.


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