Carrier Services Group is a world leader in Investment Recovery technology & operations.

Trusted by major telecoms across the world, CSG has the experience, partners & inventory to make your next EF&I project a success.

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Acknowledged experts in the telecom investment recovery and re-marketing industry.
Based in Vienna, OH we have over 400,000 sq. feet of warehouse space in North America dedicated to plug-in inventory and EF&I services.

Carrier Services Group, Inc.
4211 King Graves Road
Vienna, OH 44473


All demo content is for sample purposes only, to represent a live site.
Note: Interstellar is built on the latest version of the Gantry 5 Framework.
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All demo content is for sample purposes only, to represent a live site.
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Jack Red CEO

Interstellar brings out the best in our business through its modern design, incredible feature set, and infinite versatility.

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The design of Interstellar is extraordinary in that it walks that fine line between simplicity and elegance.

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Interstellar has saved us countless hours in development thanks to the powerful next-generation Gantry 5 framework.

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I can’t wait to get started with Interstellar. I’m amazed at its unique design, powerful original particles.

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