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The Wealth Shop is Vancouver's first legal cannabis shop, and as such, aims to be at the forefront of a global movement in cannabis legalization. Our vocation is to foster a community hub, where the best of design, culture, innovation, and cannabis can coincide to create an unparalleled industry experience. We recognize, and aim to highlight the rare capabilities of cannabis as part of an integrative health care regime. We understand the versatility of the plant, as it pertains to the enhancement of self-healing, socializing, creative expression, and cuisine. We refuse the current status quo, committing ourselves to bringing the masses up to speed with the quickly evolving realities of cannabis as a medicine. With every move we make, we aim to emulsify the stale stereotypes that govern our evolving industry. We know that our clientele is just as diverse at the plant it’s self, which is why we are committed to tailoring our service in favour of each individual’s needs.

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"One of the first in the country to receive a business licence" (source)

"The store couldn’t be more Vancouverite, with one wall covered in preserved living moss and reclaimed wood everywhere." (source)

"The unassuming store — which overlooks a Safeway parking lot near the gates of UBC — passed all other licensing requirements introduced by the city, including safety inspections and criminal record checks of its owners." 7864043448

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