Art House Sound Studio A

Art House’s all-in-one mixing, tracking and scoring suite. We can do it all in this beautiful room located in Spring, Texas – just thirty minutes north of downtown Houston.

We Fix Audio

Having trouble hearing the dialog you recorded over that AC unit? Crickets and birds stepping on your lines? We can help! We have an arsenal of tools at our disposal for cleaning up and sweetening problem audio. Contact us, upload a file, and we’ll give it a go – there’s never a charge for evaluation.

Acoustic Design

Polycylindrical Diffusers have been used in acoustic design dating back to the 1940’s. We’ve employed this design accompanied with absorption panels hidden behind the diffusers to achieve a flat listening theater, where all frequencies are represented equally.


Art House Sound specializes in location sound recording for film and video. Whether you need a three-person sound crew or just a recordist, we have a solution for every budget.


Art House Sound specializes in audio post production for independent film. Whether you need a little dialog editing or ADR, SFX, Foley, backgrounds, or all the way to a 7.1 Surround mix, we’ll make it sound amazing!

Voice Over and ADR

We have a nice selection of large diaphragm microphones and valve pre-amps for luscious, deep Voice Over work. For ADR we typically utilize Sennheiser and Neumann boom mics for replacing dialog. Depending on what mic was used to record the original dialog, we even use lavaliere mics to perfect a match.


From time to time we employ composers and musicians to score our client’s films.