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The Dedicated Team
New Horizon Media™ provides you with a dedicated expert mailing team. Our team has developed expertise in all aspects of the email business.

Your Platform
We give you a platform that only allows best sender practices, starting with email collection and all the tools you need to achieve the strongest results.

Getting Started
In today's environment, legal compliance is not enough. Senders must comply with the highest standards to allow for message delivery to the inbox.

Have a message promoting a financial product or service for consumers that you want delivered to a receptive audience? Then you need to talk with New Horizon Media™ Mail. Because we have our own confirmed opt-in database, built in accordance with best practice. We can send your offer to our list members who have asked to receive messages about your product type or service.

Need a service that can help you mail to your existing database? Our team will review your existing practices, point out any problems and help with any required changes starting with email collection and privacy practices, moving on with list hygiene and quality, bounce management, content checks, message frequency and relevancy, along with third party certification so that your practices and database will meet the highest standards.

Once done and everything is in compliance, we will then work with you to move ahead using the New Horizon Media™ platform.

Data Security
Your data is safe with New Horizon Media™. We take online security and privacy extremely seriously.

Content, Content
You provide the relevant content. Once you are ready to proceed to send to our database or have us send your offer to our database, you can test your specific content against a battery of filters. We can help provide you with the necessary guidance to make any changes.

Ready To Send
New Horizon Media™ gives you the tools to design and deliver wanted email messages. Once all the pre-send checks are completed, you can set up the campaign or message sequence for sending to your database; or if the mailing is to our database, we will get everything ready and carry out the send.

Reap The Rewards
You enjoy the results.

Contact us to find out how you can have the New Horizon Media™ advantage and reap the benefits.

The New Horizon Media™ Team