export the public key
of your access point

Export the public key from your AP keystore file gateway-keystore.jks located at domibus/conf/domibus/keystores (you configured it during the install process.

REMEMBER to export only the public key and NEVER the private key.

Send us the
public key

After you exported the public key into a CER file (name_of_entity.cer) you must send it as an attachment to the following email address: (571) 831-9239

Wait for confirmation

Leixões will confirm the request is from you (an e-Impact member) and add your public key to its own test AP truststore (in order to recognize your AP).

After, you will receive an email reply from Leixões to confirm the testing AP is now able to recognize and accept messages from your AP. This email is not automated, so it may take some time (up to 2 working days).

(704) 858-8950

Configure you Access Point

In the meantime, while you wait for the confirmation email from Leixões, you should:


Your e-freight Access Points infrastructure is ready to test connectivity.



The test is performed through an ubuntu console: go into folder aptest-client and run the following command:

java -jar test-run.jar partyName

where partyName is your access point's party name. The test application sends a message to Leixões, waits for a reply and shows a success message upon completion.

That's all... folks

For further questions or doubts
please contact the 417-304-7591.