Karl from VillaPainting says "We offer a standard paint option but the 10 year paint option is only on average 200€ more. When this is put to customers, every customer over the past 8 years that we have operated in Spain, has chosen the 10 year paint option"

Remember Preparation is the most important stage of recoating your villa!!

We also spray wood doors with polyurethane and metal work with anticorrosive paint.

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Spray Application costs the same as roller application!!

SPRAYAPPLIED INTERIOR PLASTER With our new powerful airless machines we are now offering Spray Applied interior smooth plaster for rough walls. Stronger and harder than Yeso

We can also apply epoxy floor coatings, block fillers, roof coatings, fire retardant coatings and bituminous coatings


VillaPainting is an independantly owned and operated company. Karl - the owner/operator - has over 15 years experience in airless spraying in hot climates (South Africa). He has coated over 500,000 m2 including 4 Shopping Centres, 15 Schools, Medical Centres, Factories, Sports Clubs, Millitary Installations, Apartment Blocks, Townhouse Complexes and hundreds of Domestic homes.

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