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Packaging is not just wrapping products in boxes. At Packman, we understand the significance that packaging has for various industries, be it food processing or textile. From factories to retail stores, industries require packaging at every step.

Packaging solutions not only enclose products for storage, shipment, display and retail but also enlighten observers as to what is within the box. So, in some way or other, packaging is also a part of how you market and present your product.

How do you define effective packaging?

An effective packaging system is one that aids in the maximization and optimisation of the company’s competencies. At Packman, we see to it that you have such a packaging system in place. As an international packaging solutions provider, we bring to you expansive options of customized packaging to select from.

No matter whether you run an e-commerce business or a physical retail store, you can buy customized packaging from us which complement your product offering. Our stock of custom packaging boxes in India is rich with all kinds of packaging materials right from corrugated boxes to tapes. With our top- notch product qualities, we offer you the much needed assurance that you need to run your business smoothly. We deliver custom packaging boxes throughout India, including branded packaging that’s specific to different clients.

One-stop shop for Packaging Materials

As a firm, we are 100 per cent dedicated towards attaining the maximum customer satisfaction. Therefore, we ensure that our production of packaging materials complies to the highest of standards, and ensure that by employing first class modern tools and equipment in our factories. We own superior quality German machines for the production of tamper-proof security bags. Our automatic box-making plants always ensure that the standard of items produce is of optimum quality. We have also employed a special plastic bags machine and 5 colour printing machines to augment our production capabilities.

We have an expansive range of branded packaging options for our clients, and our list of products i.e.
packaging material on offer includes: -

  • Courier security bags
  • Corrugated boxes
  • Tapes
  • Bubble roll

We also understand that each industry functions differently, and what is good for one may not be suitable for another. So, to ascertain that, we have products for all kinds of customers, which we create using an industry-specific approach.

Our exclusive Industry-wise packaging solutions are actually a standout aspect of what we offer. Thanks to this structure, firms associated with food packaging, books packaging, electrical equipment packaging, mobile phone accessories, eye wear packaging, clothes packaging, watch packaging, shoes packaging, jewellery packaging, office and gift items packaging, can all buy packing material online with us.

Why Packman?

  • Customization options available
  • You can buy packing material online at our website
  • First-rate tools and equipment
  • Expansive range of items
  • Product quality of International standard
  • Feasible products
  • Low cost shipping options
  • Direct delivery to your sellers
  • Same day delivery available

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