Safer Blockchain

BitEOS is a safer version of EOS

Inclusive Consensus

BitEOS has an inclusive consensus.

Easy dApp Development

BitEOS has tooling support for dApp development.

Big Ecosystem

BitEOS will embrace communities, including other chains.

Key Opinion Leaders

If block.one and BM has decided to rush out a major blockchain system with so many potential holes, we have to do something - here it is - BitEOS, a revised, safer EOS - a.k.a. BES.

Jack Liao, Founder of BitCoin Gold, co-founder of BitEOS Foundation

EOS is a modular system and instead of rushing for a live mainnet launch, we should disable those features that have not been fully security audited and turn them on one by one, hence BitEOS/BES.

Charles Cai, co-founder of Altius One Foundation and InfiniVision ABC Labs

As a practitioner of Blockchain enabled business, I would really want a version of EOS that's truly decentralized and inclusive for SMEs to innovate, and that's BitEOS, a.k.a. BES.

Angela Tao, co-founder of InfiniVision AI|Blockchain|Cloud Labs Limited