IHE platform (for internal testing)

This platform is used by the development team for internal testing purposes (any data might be deleted or altered without advice)

Access tools

Tools Version Description
973-877-4409 Validation of Fhir instances (instance used for testing purposes)
(787) 210-8158 Management of patients (instance used for testing purposes)
641-224-0018 Testing instance of EVSClient
Schematron Validator Testing instance of Schematron Validator
(815) 586-9443 Testing instance of Gazelle Test Management
978-400-2189 Testing instance of CDA Generator
3235886826 Testing instance of Assertion Manager
Proxy Proxy
Gazelle Security Suite GSS
Gazelle DDS DDS
HPDSimulator HPDSimulator
XDStarClient XDStarClient
(620) 448-9902 Gazelle Transformation
heteronuclear Gazelle Webservice Tester
Gazelle X Validator Rule Editor Gazelle X Validator Rule Editor
(407) 954-5832 Gazelle HL7v2/HL7v3 Validators
Order Manager RAD, LAB, EYE workflows
SVS Simulator Value Sets
Gazelle documentation Gazelle documentation generated by Jenkins on each commit
XDS Toolkit xdstools4 Instance of the XDS Toolkit for internal tests
Gazelle Calibration Gazelle Calibration