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BCB ATM, now the UK’s largest provider of Bitcoin ATMs, is bringing digital currencies to the local high street, making Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies accessible to people of all backgrounds.

We plan to take advantage of the phenomenal growth of digital currency by installing and operating over 3,000 machines across the UK and Europe, as well as develop the most secure multi-currency, multi-crypto mobile app, using its own proprietary blockchain technology, so that by 2023 all financial activities can be done even more securely, instantly and on the move.


60 ATMs

In April of 2017


7.43 ATMs

installed daily

Additionally, our blockchain will be self-policing, constantly updating, with a database that is incorruptible and uniquely transparent. And, with our ATMs people will be able to undertake transactions, across borders within seconds and without third-party interference.

Investing in BCB ATM now offers the chance to share in this dramatic development.

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The Future Of Banking: Cryptocurrency ATMs And Blockchain-Based Drones

A recent trip back to my hometown of Dallas, Texas got me thinking about the future of cryptocurrency. During my visit, I came across a physical “Bitcoin ATM” while putting gas in my car at the local Chevron Station.

I learned that this Bitcoin ATM is operated by Coinsource, one of the world’s largest Bitcoin ATM providers. With over 250 Coinsource ATMs located across the country, the company aims to leverage the tremendous growth of Bitcoin by providing an easy and secure way for people to convert Bitcoin to cash and vice versa. As Bitcoin becomes more mainstream, the Coinsource network saw the need… for a “scalable identity platform” that could support this expansion.

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Buy and sell Bitcoin from an ATM

BCB ATM now has 60 cryptocurrency ATMs installed around the country – across London and in other cities including Brighton, Manchester, Derby and Liverpool. By 2023, Mr Ntahe wants to have 3,000 machines installed in the UK and Europe.

BCB ATM is the only company in this sector supplying machines that allow customers to buy, sell and trade Bitcoins, as well as enabling shopkeepers to accept digital money as payment for goods.

BCB ATM is bringing cryptocurrencies to local communities and providing an alternative for people wanting to buy the asset. For retailers it is a chance to offer something different – or at least until Bitcoin becomes as common as contactless.

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Argentina Jumps on Bitcoin ATM Bandwagon with 200 Expected in October

Argentina is set to receive 200 ‘bi-directional’ Bitcoin ATMs next month in an initiative responding to the “world monetary order changing.”

Speaking to local news outlet CryptoNoticias, CEO of organizer Odyssey Group Sebastian Ponceliz said there would be multiple benefits of the machines in a country where economic policy was an early driver of consumers towards Bitcoin.

“The idea was born from the understanding that the world monetary order is changing,” he told the publication…

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World's first Bitcoin ATM opens — and other tech news

The world's first Bitcoin ATM has opened in Vancouver, Canada - the machine allows users to exchange their credits of the digital currency for cash and vice-versa.

Also in tech news, software-maker Adobe has confirmed that a recent cyber-attack compromised millions of customer accounts - and Google-owned phone company Motorola has announced the development of a modular mobile phone which allows users customise their keyboard, battery or other sensors.

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This city's subway system just got new bitcoin ATMs — and it's not alone

A bitcoin ATM manufacturer based in Prague says it has installed 10 new cryptocurrency-dispensing machines throughout the European city's subway system.

The company, General Bytes, posted a map on its website showing where the bitcoin ATMs are located in 10 different metro stops in the city of 1.3 million in the Czech Republic. The machines can be used to purchase bitcoin — currently trading at more than $7,500 per unit — as well as other digital currencies, according to the company's website…