Stephen Grote, Atlanta Photographer, Photo Journalist

Stephen Grote Atlanta Photographer

Stephen Grote is an Atlanta based freelance photographer specializing in Editorial, Location, Corporate and Travel photography as well as a Photography and Photographic Imaging teacher. Stephen is also a small business computer consultant and color correction consultant for creatives. 

This site is a resource for clients, students, photography enthusiasts and computer enthusiasts giving them access to course material, an extensive repository of photography equipment manuals, color correction profiles, and useful links to great photography, travel and computer resources.

Stephen built his reputation on being a bit of a global wanderer as well a being a top notch photographer. He invites you to join him when he travels. Trips appear in the travel section as well as travel tips and a currency converter for those of you that want to how much money to plan for daily expenditures abroad. Please 850-936-9972 for more details, to sign up for one of the trips or just to tag along on a trip.   

The news section offers world, travel, business, technology, health/science and sports news from various news organizations in an easy to read format. It may also be used to easily compare the top stories of the day and reporting or story selections of the news agencies.

The travel section holds information for recreational, business, educational and photographic travelers. This includes the trips Stephen will be hosting (always keeping culture, adventure, education and photography in mind) as well as common travel tips for everyone.

The Links sections should not be overlooked as many travel links can be found under the heading "Travel", including "Points of Interest (Places to Travel)", "Travel Agents, Tour Operators and Travel Contacts" and "Study Abroad".  There are many computer, computing and software related links included.

Teaching Section

The teaching section of the site is now available to everyone. It holds items of interest for many photographers and photography teachers. It includes includes syllabi, handouts, assignment examples (more to be added as time permits), custom printer/paper profiles, equipment manuals, film data sheets and other resources. Please e-mail me if you would like for me to add something or update a handout with more or new information.  

About Connection Speeds

Please be advised that due to the nature of the site; photographs, news aggregators and a large links section, it is better viewed with a broadband connection.

Last updated Sunday November 9, 2008