Apart from legislation, the city is famous for its port and numerous sights that we will mention later. It is not to be noted that Cape Town is considered the most popular tourist destination in Africa. Cape Town has emerged as a mixture of European despots, Indians, Madagascans and slaves from Southeast Asia. If you choose to come to this interesting city then we can recommend a sightseeing tour such as Table Mountain and Cape Point. What’s special about this town is not only the numerous museums you can visit but also the possibility that while you are there as you walk along the shore watching dolphins and whales in their natural surroundings. What many people are delighted with are numerous waterfalls and the possibility of daily safaris being offered in various arrangements.
This nice little place for every visitor gives you the opportunity to try out how it looks like an annual vacation when everything is subordinated to your enjoyment. Hedonism is strongly emphasized here, so it is not surprising that Portofino is considered the destination where the richest people come from. Since the 1950s many wealthy people from Europe, but also wider, have chosen Portofino to escape the noise and stress of their daily lives. So many actors such as Elizabeth Taylor, Clark Gable, and philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche visited many of Portofino. Portofino is abundant with many sights worth seeing, and those who come from public life are not immune. Castello Brown is a castle that was built by ancient Romans, and after a long period of pirate attacks and constant changes of the owner, the castle was bought by a British consul, for only 7,000 lira. After being renovated in the mid-20th century, the castle was sold to the Portofino municipality and converted into a museum, after which it became the seat of numerous cultural events. If you decide to walk to the castle you can learn a lot about the history of Italy and enjoy the marvelous view of the port city. The small square in the center is right in the center where many manifestations and the social life of the place take place. Here tourists and locals can enjoy numerous shops and restaurants.

We believe you will enjoy the multitude of different languages ​​you can hear on the street as well as a host of other different traditions and cultures.

We can say that the city offers content for everyone’s taste, whether for adventurers, for great nature lovers or for those who like to shop because the city offers a large number of shopping malls.


Like all known exotic places in the world, Belize also offers a lot of things. The capital of Belize is the center of this magical world and the center of gravitation of the entire island. The first thing that tourists do by coming to the city are forgetting the same problems for the same period. The international harbor is only 10 km away so you will soon be able to feel the magic of another world. The attack on the senses will begin as soon as your foot enters the city, the appearance of another culture, and a different way of life. Belize is known as a picturesque place that emits special energy and where you can experience a different culture at every turn. There is a great concentration of people in the city who, in spite of past events, decided to develop their life on a beautiful coast near Mexico in the north and Guatemala in the south. Here is the Coral reef, the second largest in the world.