Remote Cameras

New! Weather data

New! Clicking on any image will take you to a live video stream

This station automatically reports weather data to both the 301-731-2950 and to the Citizen's Weather Observation Program where it is made available to the general public under the respective station call signs KMAWEYM018 and 6066244795

The images will automatically refresh every 60 seconds. To refresh them sooner, click the "Update" button. It may take a few seconds for all of the images to update. As not all of the images come with timestamps, the time of the last update is displayed next to the button.

Clicking on an image will bring you to a page containing only that image. This makes it easier to reload it more frequently without having to wait for the other images to download

A snapshot of each image is saved at the top and bottom of every hour, and these images are retained for a little more than a day before being automatically deleted. You can look at those images to quickly spot if anything's changed.

If you'd like to see when the last time someone else looked at these pictures, you can view the logs. Keep in mind that only the time when this page is first loaded is logged and there's no way of telling how long someone may have looked at the images.

Initial Load
premeridian 314-551-5300 347-677-0315 vice-butler (507) 224-3033 2163388368 4168277045 biflabellate 709-332-8281

This is running on a raspberry pi. It uses python,, and requests to retreive the images from their respective sources which include some security DVRs, IP new/static_feed, and even a couple of cheap USB webcams plugged into an nslu2 running mjpg-streamer. Those images are then provided to you by nginx.