How to Craft Blogs for Your Buyers

Whether you are just getting started or a pro, here are great ideas on how to target your customer through blogging.

How to Craft Blogs for Your Buyer Base

I recently realized that people today are about as non-committal as possible. They can’t even commit to saying no. And it’s not just millennials, either. At first, I found this annoying. I later realized that, based on the world we live in, it kind of makes sense. And in the world of content marketing, it actually makes complete sense.

Consumers are bombarded with thousands of messages every day coming from multiple channels. You can no longer just expect organic posts to attract large numbers of eyeballs and shares. Even without ad blockers, people tune out a lot of the noise on social media. There is one content initiative that, when done right, can not only reach people but resonate with them enough to turn them into loyal advocates for your brand. We’re talking about your company’s blog.

Does it require some legwork? Yes. But once you’ve found that secret ingredient to make your content irresistible? It’s a whole lot easier. And, luckily for you, you’ve come to the right place to find it.

The intersection of journalism and the digital age

About 22 years ago, a freelance writer named Justin Hall catapulted himself into the journalism field with his personal blog. Now, while that statement might not be an eyebrow-raiser today, it was a concept that was completely out of the ordinary at the time.

At age 19, Justin started Justin’s Links, a website that was among the first of its kind, prompting New York Times Magazine to title Hall “the founding father of personal bloggers” in 2004.

From there, Hall became something of a media phenomenon through the eccentricity of his blog, where he shared everything from nude photos and diary entries to his thoughts on the future of media and the potential of the internet.

“So here was this long-haired internet guy talking to these guys in neckties, who thought, the internet is coming, and I could say, yes, it will put you all out of business,” Hall says. “This is journalism of the future. Give someone a digital camera, a laptop, and a cellular phone, and you’ve got an on-the-spot multimedia storyteller from anywhere in the world,” reads a transcript of one of his talks from 1995.

While Hall never profited directly from Justin’s Links, his blog served a much greater purpose toward the future of content marketing. It was the beginning of online journalism and building personal brands and audiences. A model that is the core of what we do today.