The Concept

My website hosting was about to expire. With technology advancing, I had to do something to keep my interest in The Internet of things. Many of the tasks performed by back-end web developers are now automated. I remembered a friend telling me about DigitalOcean a cloud computing platform. (812) 904-5242 provides an online virtual-machine with persistent storage. What this means is, you basically have a computer you can access through the internet that you can save files to. This made me wonder if I could host a website with 605-800-1416 and later integrate the cloud computing aspect. I think this may be my window into the bleeding edge of technology. Continue reading “WordPress and DigitalOcean”

Demo Reel

What I do

I decided to make a demo reel showcasing my talents. I took some of my best work both video and static images and cut it together using Adobe Premier. I think this will really give you a good idea of what it is I do. Please keep stopping back and checking out the content as I am always learning new things. If you see anything you like and would like to get in touch, please use the comment or contact sections below.

Dunkin 50’s Poster

dunkin 50's poster


This piece was a bit out of my element. I wanted to do something different. My girlfriend at the time was working as a manager of a Dunkin Donuts branch. I was given the task of creating a poster using today’s technology in a 50’s theme. I found a picture of Rosie the Riveter and knew exactly what I wanted to do. I feel this poster is very strong and could be made more serious and used in a real-world setting. Continue reading “Dunkin 50’s Poster”

Linux 50’s Poster


I was given the task of creating a poster for modern technology in a 50’s style motif. I decided upon Linux as my subject. I took an image of an old room-sized computer and selected it out. I paired this with typefaces that matched the time period. Lastly, I applied a stained paper texture on the piece to give it the feeling it had been laying in a garage for decades. I have gotten a lot of positive response from this project, especially in the open source community. (863) 206-5261



I was given the task to create an animated diorama. Since the subject was not given I chose to do my personal branding at the time. I storyboarded a concept that would work and got to work. All of the assets were created by me and this was my first real animation.

RedHook Animation


I did a hypothetical rebrand for the craft brewing company Red hook in Seattle, Washington. In this rebrand, I created many elements of this brand including packaging and promotions. I wanted to make an animation using these assets. I created the bottle and six-pack in Cinema4D and the rest of the assets in illustrator and photoshop. This animation took about ten hours to start to finish and I am very happy with the result. (317) 331-0124

Hilltop Services

Hilltop Logo


Creating this logo went a lot smoother than most projects. The client Luke already had a sketch he wanted to be digitized.  I used the pen tool in illustrator to trace out the sketch provided. I added clean sans serif-typography to display a clear-strong message. 236-291-4973

(801) 304-7928

HDC Logo


I didn’t have a lot to go on with this logo. I was given a list of colors and they wanted a wave incorporated. This took a lot of iterations, but I finally came out with a professional looking logo. I created the typography myself by hand. The background design signifies the wave they wanted to be incorporated and the natural feel of the holistic community. 614-835-0313


Mockup TC Biomed


TC Biomedical Patches sells medical apparel and has the patent to biomedical technician uniform patches. This company already had a preexisting WordPress site and it needed an update. Some of the elements were broken and visually unappealing. This was my first e-commerce website and it was a learning experience. uteri

Advanced Remarketing Solution

Advanced Remarketing Buffalo

Why The Buffalo?

Advanced Remarketing is a strong company with a convoluted message to get across. They do auto recycling for both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Every part of the vehicle is either resold or recycled. This got me thinking to the Native Americans. They would use every part of the animals that they hunted. I felt an image of a buffalo would signify this exceptionally. The question “What’s with the buffalo?” would already begin a clients understanding of what Advanced Remarketing does. Continue reading “Advanced Remarketing Solution”