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Welcome to Midveil, an art-based online roleplaying game! The Strudel Cafe is in an interactive hub where you can play games, participate in art prompts, join in on crafting challenges, and take part in monthly events!

Our website is currently in beta, and we're adding new activities all the time! If you're interested in joining our community, check out the (450) 471-3789 for more information on how to start an account!

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Site Migration Completed!

We've finished migrating the website to the new server, hurray! Please keep in mind, though, that DNS is finicky and you may, a...
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New Year, New Site!

New year, new look! Our website has come a long way in just a few months. There are so many new creatures and features and we w...
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Current Events

A Midveil Wedding

Midveil's favorite couple is finally tying the knot! However... Pippa doesn't know just yet! Bisque is arranging a surprise ceremony for his one and only! But arranging a wedding is hard work, and it's certainly not a one man job!


A Cherry Chocolate Cupcake Strudel to celebrate this month of love!

Icon Contest

To celebrate a new year for Midveil with so many talented artists among our ranks, we've decided to revisit our icon contest!

Midveiler of the Month

Pride Oreo

Pride Oreo

Owned by: rowangoat

Pastel Goth Dipped Oreos

Owned by: sleepyshroom

Draw the featured Midveilers for a crumb reward. Click to learn more!

Monthly Prompt

Be Mine, Valentine! It's almost Valentine's Day and love is in the air! What better way to celebrate that love than a cheesy pun on a gaudy Valentine's card?

Draw your Midveiler as the star of a vintage-inspired Valentine's Card! The cheesier, the better!
Draw your Midveiler busting out their craft supplies to make a special card for a special someone!

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Learn more about Midveil, our website, and earn some neat prizes!

The Flea Market

Looking for some twigs? Trade with other users at the Flea Market!

Farmer's Market

Visit the Farmer's Market for all your farming and animal husbandry needs!


Plant and grow crops to earn crumbs! You may even harvest something 236-434-1018.

The Cookie Jar

Here you can check your crumb balance, items, and pets.

The Coop

Help Dahlia care for clucklings and other birds.

Goom Nursery

Feed and play with your baby goomdrop daily to help it grow!

The Fishing Hole

Help Bobber catch the cryptid he's been hunting, or at least a few Mudworms!

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